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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copy Trading?

As a Strategy Provider, Copy Trading allows you to create, manage, and share your strategies with other traders, who can follow you. You then earn a percentage from your followers’ profits

As a trader, you can research and follow an unlimited number of strategies shared by pros, copying their trades, and earning a percentage of profit when the trades succeed.

Is Copy Trading good for beginners?

Copy Trading is an ideal place for beginners to start investing. 

Regardless of your experience, you can follow expert traders with profitable strategies, and start earning yourself. This also allows you to learn the best trading practices from the pros along the way.

Is Copy Trading profitable?

When Copy Trading, your profits depend on the success of the strategies that you have followed. The more successful strategies you follow, the more you can earn.

For Strategy Providers, earnings depend upon the amount of total followers across your shared strategies, as well as the performance of said strategies.

Are there any other benefits to Copy Trading?

Our Copy Trading product also features membership plans, which provide subscribers with a range of additional benefits including increased profit share, reduced trading fees, and much more.

How do I manage my risk when Copy Trading?

We offer both traders and Strategy Providers a wide range of risk management tools, helping you minimise potential losses, and maximise possible profits, including stop loss and take profit orders.